‘Krembo Wings’ Training Catalog

​ The Krembo Wings Knowledge Center invites you to participate in a variety of lectures and training sessions. At Krembo Wings, we have developed an innovative belonging and inclusion model that connects youth, regardless of ability, from all corners of society.

This model enables shared, accessible, and tailored activity that is compatible for all participants. The purpose of the training is to expand professional knowledge of the disability field and to provide educators, parents and others with additional tools to create accessible and adapted activities for both formal and informal frameworks.​​

‘Krembo Wings' serves as an official adviser to the UN on inclusion and belonging.

The lectures and workshops are led by the professional staff of the Knowledge Center, who are all graduates of relevant degrees in their field of expertise. Our staff members will be happy to join you for an enriching and diverse learning experience which will enable each and every one of you to expand your personal and professional knowledge.​

It is important to us that our training is tailored to meet your individual needs,

therefore all our training programs and lectures are interchangeable and can be adapted to different timeframes and scopes. It is also possible to choose specific topics out of wider training curricula. ​


Teachers and students programs are approved by the Israeli ministry of education.​


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Our clientele:

educators (formal and informal ), parents, students, work places.

Inclusion and Belonging in Education

Promoting inclusion and belonging in schools

A variety of models promoting inclusion and belonging in the school environment. We will introduce you to tools for developing the pedagogic, emotional and social processes.​

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Krembo Kindergarten

Infancy education for inclusion and belonging

In this program, the educational teams receive tools and guidance to develop a comprehensive and inclusive discourse in kindergartens and elementary grades of school.

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Living together

Inclusion and belonging agents

Development of social-emotional skills in a heterogeneous group that enhances the ability of individual in the group to express themselves more freely . Increasing awareness of the abilities and strengths of different members of the diverse group.

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Leading Change

Informal educators’ training seminar

The importance of an inclusive community, tools for joining the process of inclusion and belonging of children with disabilities in informal educational activities.

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The story of social change

​ Introduction to ‘Krembo Wings’ activity model

An introductory meeting to Krembo Wings, he leading youth movement in Israel in the field of integration and inclusion of children and youth with disabilities in socio-educational activities.

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Holding Hands

Training for assistants and inclusion aides in the education system

We will discuss the development of the assistant and inclusion aide figure as facilitating social belonging of children in the educational systems and we will deepen their ability to provide an emotional, social and behavioral response to children's’ diverse needs.

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Lets Play Together

Games and their use to encourage inclusion

Play has a central place in a child's development. In this training, we will develop tools to adapt and use games and gamification for a variety of functions.​

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What's my child telling me?

Analysis of a child’s drawings from an inclusive perspective

Different aspects of children's inner and emotional world are reflected in their drawings. An in-depth look at drawings can help us understand other aspects of the child's world.

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Adolescence - Together and Separately

Strengths and challenges in adolescence

The training deals with adolescent content, processing and relationships, as part of a positive, inclusive and open maturation process.

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'The World Today’


Using technology to promote belonging and inclusion in groups

Introduction to a variety of technological tools that can help promote inclusion and belonging in heterogeneous social and educational settings.

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Thinking different

Tools for inclusive activity- according to the UDA model

The principles of activity for the inclusive group. Tools for building an activity tailored for a heterogenous group.

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Senses and Friendships​

Sensory processing and its effect on social functioning

We will learn to recognize sensory processing challenges, and we will offer a variety of experiences, adaptations and approaches that can help cope with these challenges.

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Me as the Other

Belonging in a world of diversity

The experience being different in the heterogeneous society in which we live today, the "normative" versus the "other". Elaboration of the subject of acceptance of the other and the changing social functioning in society.

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The bystanders

Promoting inclusion and belonging in the classroom and in the school

Tools to motivate students to become social activists as part of the inclusion and belonging process. Discussing rights and responsibilities as a basis for action and social involvement including tools for self-advocacy.

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Empowering Teens

Encouraging leadership among teens with and without disabilities

Ways to create youth leadership, principles and applied tools for empowering youth in the various frameworks - while connecting to the "Krembo Wings operating model".

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צוות עם משתתף בכיסא גלגלים בעבודה

Working together

The Law for Adequate Representation of Persons with Disabilities

Understanding the essence of the law, and the social and technical applications required from a workplace towards inclusive onboarding of an employee with a disability.

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Finding the connection

Welcome to some new worlds

Introduction to various disabilities through films that briefly show “a day in the life of…” children and teenagers with disabilities.

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Communicating is enabling

Supportive and alternative communication as a means of self-advocacy

The principles of self-advocacy as a tool for self-representation, functional independence and alternative supportive communication as a means for these applications.

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I have a unique friend​

Diverse accessibility needs

The participants will experience various challenges through which they will become familiar with the concept of accessibility, and create a dialogue around the question of what is not accessible and for whom? And what is required in order to create accessibility and for whom?

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All are unique and special

The thin thread between give and get

An active introduction to the experience of disability, through a variety of experiences accompanied by a discourse that promotes awareness of the personal strengths and challenges of each participant.

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A friend for a friend

We all have something to contribute to gain

Through experimenting with different tasks - simple and complex, children will learn that each of us sometimes needs help and that each of us can help a friend.

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Diverse friendships​

Respect and belonging in a diverse world

Through the use of songs and games, participants will notice the diversity that surrounds them, similarities and differences between themselves and other members of the group, and the importance of respecting each person.

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How I experience it

​ Experience the disability through a workshop

Through a group task based on "escape boxes", the participants will experience different disabilities and the advantages of the heterogeneous group in solving problems. 

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