Leading Change

Informal educators’ training seminar

Target Audience:

Extra curriculum class instructors, youth counselors, community center workers, and employees of education and youth departments.

Training objectives:

The seminar aims to create an understanding of the importance of inclusive communities, and give practical tools to enable participants to integrate children and youth with disabilities in various social educational activities.

Program Content:
  • Acceptance of the other and the dynamic social functioning of each one of us.
  • Familiarity with the "special needs" population.
  • Discourse and training on how to build and guide accessible content and activities.
  • Accessibility and adjustment techniques, use of tools and accessories for mediation.
  • The effects of language and communication on daily behavior.
  • Activity principles to create an inclusive group.
  • ניתוח סיפורי מקרה והתנסות במתן מענה לאתגרים.
​ More details:​

Program will be tailored according to induvial requirements.

Young people taking selfies

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The training can be tailored to your needs!