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Knowledge and Training Center

The Socio-Educational center of inclusion and belonging is passing on knowledge, the educational perception of 'Krembo Wings', and the new model of inclusion and belonging developed in 'Krembo Wings'. The model connects children and youth with and without disabilities, from all corners of society, and enables a joint, accessible, and coordinated activity that expresses the abilities of all participants in it.

The Center Offers:

A variety of seminars, workshops, and lectures.
Professional consultation.
Research and Development Department


We offer a range of training opportunities for formal and informal educators, for public and private companies interested in expanding the processes of inclusion and belonging in the workplaces for which they are responsible, for local municipalities and the general public.

The purpose of the training is to expand the toolbox and the professional knowledge of the participants in order to make accessible and adapt common activity areas in all the existing community spaces in order to create a meaningful place for everyone.



Professional consultation

We also bring the social-educational model for inclusion and belonging to the employment world. The law for the adequate representation of people with disabilities in workplaces and the pursuit of equal opportunities has brought many employers to face a relatively new field of knowledge for them.

Today, we consult for public and private companies in the field of inclusion and belonging in Israel and around the world, thus enabling many employers to understand and recognize the unique benefit in this field - far beyond the application of the law itself:

  • Counseling for workplaces and organizations on the integration of employees with disabilities.
  • Linguistic simplification and symbolization (forms, signage, and procedures in the workplace).
  • Workplace accessibility
  • Workplace safety


'Krembo Wings' has been recognized for about 4 years as an official adviser to the United Nations. The organization was chosen to serve as a consultant to UNESCO (United Nations ECOSOC) on the issue of inclusion and integration.

We participate in conferences and seminars in Israel and abroad and bring the educational inclusion and belonging model, and the activity model of the youth movement to a large audience in the international community.

We will be happy to take part in your conferences and seminars as well.

Participation in conferences in Israel and abroad
research topics

Research and Development Department

The center works on updating knowledge, its development, and research in the field of inclusion and belonging, and also examines the progress of this field in Israel and around the world. In this framework, we update our training units and thus bring the most up-to-date social models to the trainees.

The concept of belonging developed in 'Krembo Wings' also adapts itself to different social and educational spaces and we work hard on the necessary adjustments for each framework, age group, and community.

Studies and articles:

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The Centers staff

תמונה של דורלי

Dorli Rozenshtein

Director of the socio-Educational Knowledge Center

MA In special education specializing in the integration of technologies and complex disabilities.

In addition, Dorli is a didactic and neurodevelopmental-functional diagnoser specializing in sensory processing impairments and tailored instruction.

תמונה בת חן

Bat-Chen Gazala

Training manager

Occupational Therapist B.O.T Clinical Instructor, Certified Infant Massage Instructor, Senior Paramedic, and Ambulance Driver in MDA.

In the past, she managed the field of sensory and communication in the child development of Clalit Health Services, Jerusalem District, and also managed the field of special needs in the Modiin Municipality.


Batya Eshuel

Northern District Training Coordinator

MA in special education specializing in communication disabilities


Adiel Tammam Benjamin

Learning Developer, instructional Designing.

B.A in Learning Technologies, in the past hed of training department of the youth movement.

Additional lecturers

Nurit Golan Ben-Asher

VP of Professional Development, Krembo Wings

B.A In Special Education and Psychology, Teaching Certificate in Special Education. Graduate of group facilitation studies, during- studies of body-mind psychotherapy at shiluv center.

Shahar Dunkelman

Head of the training department, Krembo Wings

Bachelor's degree in psychology and developmental aspects in education, a master's degree in special education-learning disabilities, and a teaching certificate in special education.

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Ianir Levin

Safety Manager, Krembo Wings