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Fundraising events - summer crembo


The fashion show

Gulliver and Krembo meet

Wings of Krembo and Apple

Nir Bronstein at the UN

Twins Tommy and Ian Brechenko in the Channel 10 main news program ‘Equal’ with Maya Aidan.

(International Day for the Rights of Persons with Special Needs) “Equal” – Maya Aidan with twins Tommy and Jan Krembo (from 0:53 minutes – in excerpts to the end of the article)

Spreading wings

(On the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day) An article about a Krembo delegation on a special and accessible memorial trip to Poland.

15 years since the movement was founded

Put me under your wing: the women behind the “Wings of Krembo” movement.

“The women behind the” Wings of Krembo “youth movement – on the occasion of International Women’s Day

Forever Dragons.

(Rosh Hashana) “Forever Dragons” Krembo activists visit a kindergarten for immigrant children in south Tel Aviv. This is how prejudices are won and hearts are brought together.

All the way to the UN: “Wings of Krembo are making a quiet but huge social revolution.”

“The Krembo Wings Local Youth Movement has achieved an unprecedented achievement with its election as a consultant to the UN’s ECOSOC in the field of integration and inclusion.”

Communicates only through his facial expression – and is happy.

(Ahead of the fundraising event) Emily Amroussi on Tamara, an immigrant from South Africa, a single mother by birth, and her son Kanya a trainee in crembo with cerebral palsy who communicates only through his facial expression.

The person that taught the Arab and Bedouin communities to help special needs children

(International Women’s Day) The young woman who taught the Bedouin Arab sector – Hitam Abu-Badr, founder and director of the Krembo Multicultural District, opened branches…

“I deserve company, love, laughter and meaning.”

(You wrote a promo for a campaign at Headstart with Amos Tamam, in favor of raising donations for the establishment of the Krembo branch in Ramla) Paz Sultanovich, 15, mentors with cerebral palsy at the Kiryat Ono branch

Winning Together

A cover story in the Shishvat supplement about the Tel Aviv commune of ‘Wings of Krembo’, the first combined commune in Israel.

Someone to fly with

(Ahead of the fundraising event) Hagit Ron Rabinowitz on Afik Sopir – a mentor from Kiryat Gat with blindness and cerebral palsy and on his initiation Rotem who is on the autistic continuum.

A family with wings

(Ahead of the fundraising event) Hagit Ron Rabinowitz on Yehudit Twito from Safed – a foster mother to dozens of children and their sons Aviram, a trainee in Krembo who became a guide for a child on the autistic continuum.

Order of the Wings event for the Israeli First Lady

Nehama Rivlin, Israeli First Lady, movingly recounts the Order of the Wings event at Krembo Wings’ Jerusalem Branch.

The Beautiful Face of Israel Krembo Wings at the United Nations

(International Day for Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities) On May Ophir, the first initiation in the Krembo and the speech she gave at the UN, as part of a special delegation of ‘Wings of Krembo’ who was invited to bear the gospel …

For my daughter this is the pinnacle of her summer

(Ahead of the fundraising event) Michal activist on Krembo’s “summer camp” and on hosting Minister Bennett during it. “Without Krembo I probably could not have lived” – a mentoring container with cerebral palsy from a structure.

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